Bernie Sanders May Have Sold Out; But His Supporters Will Not

Bernie Sanders may be calling for unity within the Democratic Party, but that doesn’t mean that his supporters will oblige. Yesterday, I spent the day live streaming the Bernie Sanders demonstrations outside of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It took mere moments around these activists to realize that these revolutionaries were not planning …

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Of Course The Media Was Biased: The RNC Wasn’t A Disaster

Words I would use to describe the Republican National Convention held in Cleveland this past week: magical, historical, energetic, patriotic, peaceful. I was literally buzzing with excitement after the first night of the convention. Talk about an impactful experience — and it was only day one! Thousands of patriotic Americans converged on Cleveland to show …

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Twitter Users Break Down Why They’re Conservative In Less Than 140 Characters

The usual liberal-leaning twitter-sphere was interrupted Sunday by the hashtag #ConservativeBecause. Conservatives across twitter got the hashtag trending, expressing why they are conservatives. Originally started by the twitter handle of Future Female Leaders, an organization formed to, “support women who believe in the traditional American values of independence, hard work, and personal responsibility and accountability.” The …

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A demonstrator protesting the shooting death of Alton Sterling is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police Department in Baton Rouge. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman

With new police-related shootings, think before rushing to judgment: Kaytee Moyer

We need a voice of reason among the emotional reactions Stop and take a deep breath. We don’t have all the information. In any situation where a life is lost, I only want to know the truth. I want to know what happened, what lead up to the event, how could this be prevented in …

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Orlando Terrorist’s Wife Missing: Silence From Media

Where is Noor Zahi Salman, wife of Orlando terrorist, Omar Mateen? And why isn’t the media still covering this? After the devastating Orlando terrorist attack on June 12th, which took the lives of 49 innocent Americans and injured many more, it was revealed that Noor Zahi Salman possibly played a role in the attack. According the The …

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Don’t Throw In The Towel on the Grand Ol’ Party

Frustrating. That’s the word I would use to describe the feeling of being a constitutional conservative lately. It feels like we just can’t win. Every candidate that I was rooting for in the Republican Presidential primary election has been defeated. This election cycle, we had amazing candidates running under the Republican banner, many real, true constitutional conservatives. …

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A girl kisses a cardboard likeness of Senator Rand Paul at a booth in the exhibition hall at CPAC, February 27, 2015. 

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Buckley’s Fusionism Returns to Young GOP

Right-leaning libertarian. Liberty Republican. Buckley Conservative. Conservatarian. No matter what you refer to them as, the struggle is real for those who ideologically fit into both the conservative and libertarian camps. But what are those conservative-libertarians to do with no candidate and no political party? During Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit (YWLS), I started to notice …

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Johnson-Weld Town Hall Disappoints Liberty Conservatives

Did the CNN Libertarian town hall capture the hearts and minds of disenfranchised liberty conservatives? For this conservatarian, who watched the town hall from start to finish, I would say a definite no. I still feel there is no candidate running for president that represents my views enough for me to vote for them. I …

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